If you have savings and capital (including the value of your house) of more than £23,000, you are unlikely to get help from your local authority to pay for residential care.  Therefore, until your capital assets become less than £23,000 you will have to pay any private care fees.  Once your capital assets fall to less than £23,000 you should be able to get some support (on a sliding scale) depending on how much you have left.  Once your savings and assets get to less than £14,250, your local authority should pay a significant part of your care costs.
A person’s home is calculated to be part of their assets unless:

  • Someone who is under 16 still lives in the house
  • Residential care is only for a short period of time or you are in the first 12 weeks of needing residential care
  • Your parent or a relative over 60 still lives in the house
  • A disabled relative still lives in the house

More information can be found by contacting your local authority or going to www.ageuk.org.uk and search for ‘paying for residential care’

Your room is your own private, safe space and we will always respect that.  Our trustworthy cleaning staff will regularly clean your bedding and tidy your room for you but if you prefer to do some of the housework yourself, then that is fine too.  If you want some time away from other people, you can go to your room and enjoy the peace and quiet.  But if you are in the mood for company, then there is always someone to talk to in one of our comfortable communal lounge areas.
We are happy for you to bring along things that will make you feel more comfortable and at home at Broadland View.  Your own room will be fully furnished but if you want to bring along a comfortable chair or other another pieces of furniture that is important to you, we will always try to fit it in for you.

Of course you can bring your photos and pictures for your walls and even your favourite curtains if you wish.

If you are in any doubt, just ask one of our staff who will be more than happy to check for you.

Yes, our cooks and kitchen assistants prepare fresh meals every day and will make sure that anything you have is suitable for your diet. Broadland View meals are healthy and tasty.
We love it when our residents have friends and family come to visit.  There are lots of places where you can sit and chat or you can take your guests to your room.  We will always make them feel welcome and we are happy to make them a cup of tea if they would like one.  In fact, if one of your guests would like to stay and dine with us (and you give us notice), our cooks would be happy to cater for them too.

In order that visitors do not disturb other residents, we ask that guests do not stay too late.

Request Call Back

We would be proud to show you around Broadland View Care Home at a time that suits you.

Please call Sharon (Manager) 01603 432050 or email info@broadlandview.co.uk
for an initial chat and to arrange a viewing.